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Review of ECOVACS DEEBOT N8. The best robot vacuum cleaner of 2022?

Now, in a good way, only robotic vacuum cleaners with built-in lidar can be considered smart. Only they are able to confidently navigate in space and clearly see the distance to objects around. The ECOVACS DEEBOT N8 model came to our test, which, in addition to the same LiDAR sensor, also has a suction power of 2300 Pa, a simultaneous dry and wet cleaning mode, a large dust container and a convenient mobile application. In the process of testing, we will find out how well this robot vacuum cleaner is able to clean and whether it is worth the money.


ECOVACS DEEBOT N8 comes in a large laminated color printed box listing all key features. Inside it is the robot vacuum cleaner itself, two side brushes, a container for wet cleaning, a fiber cloth, a set of 10 disposable cloths, a charging base, a power cable and a user manual.


This robot vacuum cleaner belongs to the N8 series, which includes four models: N8, N8+, N8 PRO and N8 PRO+. The prefix “+” means that the robot vacuum cleaner comes with a station for unloading garbage, which, by the way, can always be purchased separately. In turn, “PRO” makes it clear that there is increased suction power up to 2600 Pa and support for TrueDetect 3D obstacle detection technology in space.

On our test, we have the ECOVACS DEEBOT N8 version, which is the most affordable model in the entire series, while it has all the necessary basis for high-quality cleaning. The design of the N8 is minimalistic, everything looks neat and not pretentious. The case is made of matte plastic, which does not collect fingerprints. The dimensions of the vacuum cleaner are 35.3 x 9.36 x 35.3 cm. The weight is 3.6 kg.

As we already mentioned, DEEBOT N8 is equipped with a LiDAR sensor. In short, there is a laser on top of the vacuum cleaner in a small “turret”, which measures the distance to all objects around the entire area around. Thus, there is not only orientation in space, but also the construction of a map of the room. In the case of DEEBOT N8, thanks to the TrueMapping function, it is able to mark the map of the house with increased accuracy and a large scanning radius. Moreover, N8 can build a map of each floor of the house separately.

On the side of the main elements are side sensors and a front movable bumper.

At the back there is a container for wet cleaning, which consists of two parts. The first is a 240 ml water tank with a built-in pump, and the second is a mount with a thin platform for the rag itself. The solution is convenient, because in this way it is not necessary to remove the entire structure every time, but it is enough just to remove the bottom one. The plastic of the container itself is thick, so if it is accidentally dropped, it will definitely not crack.

The top cover flips up. Behind it is a 420 ml dust container with a convenient handle for removing it. The container has a wide HEPA filter that holds up to 99% of dust. It can be easily removed and cleaned from the accumulated fine dust.

Here, the power slider, the Wi-Fi activation button, and the magnetic brush are hidden inside. We were especially pleased with its presence inside the body of the vacuum cleaner, because in this case it is much more difficult to lose it.

The robot vacuum cleaner is moved by two driving wheels with anti-slip rubber coating and one round rail in the front. The wheel suspension is movable, and thanks to it, it can go around obstacles up to 20 mm high, which is not a little. They can be carpets or thresholds between doors, for example. There are also two side brushes, a turbo brush, six fall sensors and two charging contacts on the bottom.

The Turbo Brush is easy to remove and clean by simply pressing the two retaining clips with your fingers. No bolts need to be unscrewed, as with some models from other manufacturers. The side brushes are also easy to remove and clean from accumulated hair.

The docking station is well made. It is made of high quality plastic and weighs a lot. A rubberized pad is provided below to securely fix the charging base on the floor.


To control DEEBOT N8, you need to download the ECOVACS HOME app. It is available in Play Market and App Store. The initial setup process is simple, you just need to follow all the steps of the step-by-step instructions.

After that, you need to start the robot vacuum cleaner so that it builds a map of the apartment. If your living area is large, it is best to fully charge the vacuum cleaner before scanning. Map marking is based on proprietary TrueMapping technology, which, in turn, functions thanks to dTOF (Direct Time-of-Flight) technology, which measures the distance to objects around with the help of lidar. In addition to the fact that DEEBOT N8 is able to build maps of several floors, it can also independently determine which floor it is currently on. The tab with all the cards is located in the lower left corner of the application. During each cycle, ECOVACS DEEBOT N8 shows in the application the type of cleaning started, the amount of area cleaned and the duration of work.

In addition, here in the application you can set virtual walls, and zones that are forbidden for cleaning, in particular for wet cleaning separately, so that the robot vacuum cleaner, for example, does not exactly run into the carpet. Also in the main menu, you can set the power of suction and water supply in 4 degrees.

In the “More” section, which is outlined as an ellipsis in the upper right corner, it is interesting to highlight the ability to set the schedule for the vacuum cleaner, set the “Do Not Disturb” mode and specify the hours when the vacuum cleaner should not start cleaning, enable the “Continuous cleaning” function, which allows DEEBOT N8 to complete the cleaning to the end in cases where the battery charge is not enough. In this case, he will reach the docking station to charge a little and then go to download the cleaning cycle.

Here you can also look at the remaining resource of all brushes, filters and other components. Each of the elements can be purchased on AliExpress for more than sane money.


The suction power of ECOVACS DEEBOT N8 is 2300 Pa. This should be enough to cover all cleaning needs. The average noise level during operation is 67 dB.

Dry cleaning Regarding the quality of cleaning, we had no questions about it. After the first launch, when the robot vacuum cleaner has already looked around the room and built a clear map for itself, it is already able to calmly go around all the thresholds and drive onto the carpet the first time. He also has no problems getting under the cabinet due to the body height of only 9.36 cm. We complicated the cleaning process by placing several foreign objects in the room and scattering corn flakes and rice cereal on the floor. Surprisingly, at the end of the cycle, the floor seemed almost perfectly clean. Moreover, with the maximum power turned on, it was noticeable that the vacuum cleaner can remove dust even between the seams of the laminate. It took ECOVACS DEEBOT N8 28 minutes to complete a complete cleaning of a room of about 30 square meters. It is also worth noting that the height sensors work perfectly and do not allow the vacuum cleaner to fall down. In our case, this was manifested by the fact that the N8 did not drive over a high threshold in the bathroom, from which he would then be unable to get out on his own.

Wet cleaning

Next, we proceeded to wet cleaning. The quality of washing is decent, the robot vacuum cleaner manages to wash dust uniformly and even cope with small dried spots. For the best effect, you should immediately set the maximum water supply power and pre-moisten the rag so that ECOVACS DEEBOT N8 can leave an even strip of moisture on the floor from the first seconds. On our own behalf, we will advise you to highlight the carpet inside the application for wet cleaning as a restricted area so that the vacuum cleaner does not drive into it under any circumstances.

Simultaneous dry and wet cleaning (OZMO Technology)

Also useful was the combined OZMO mode, which allows you to simultaneously dry and wet cleaning. Thanks to it, you can significantly save time on cleaning, while its quality does not deteriorate much.

Working hours

The battery capacity is 3200 mAh, which is not bad. It lasts up to 110 minutes of operation at the minimum power level. If you select the maximum suction power, then the robot vacuum cleaner will work willingly less, but even in this case, it will have time to clean a room larger than 60 square meters. m or two of our apartments. One charge cycle from 0 to 100% will take about 3 hours.


Gold.  Editor's Choice MegaObzorECOVACS DEEBOT N8 This is an excellent value for money purchase. It is easy to use and conducts high-quality dry and wet. In space, the robot vacuum cleaner navigates confidently thanks to lidar and other sensors that have never failed during the entire testing period. Other advantages include a nice design, powerful suction power of 2300 Pa, the presence of the OZMO mode with simultaneous dry and wet cleaning, a convenient mobile application, and an operating time of up to 110 minutes. The disadvantages include the lack of an even more intense water supply force during wet cleaning. ECOVACS DEEBOT N8 receives a well-deserved award “Gold. Editor’s Choice”.

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