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Review of Polaris PWK 0103T. Portable irrigator with 11 operating modes

The best prevention of diseases of the teeth and gums is daily oral hygiene. Traditionally, it is carried out with a toothbrush, but the brush does not always achieve the required efficiency. Difficulties may arise with interdental spaces or orthodontic structures. Here, the portable irrigator Polaris PWK 0103T, which is being studied today, will come to the rescue. It’s compact yet effective for removing plaque in addition to a toothbrush, helps with hygiene when you have implants or braces, and is also great for healing your gums with a massage.

Polaris PWK 0103T

It can be purchased for 3.5 thousand rubles.


The irrigator is packed in a box made of thick white cardboard, on the front side of which its image is applied, on the reverse side there are detailed data on technical characteristics.

Polaris PWK 0103T

The kit includes two nozzles, a rag bag, plugs for closing the power socket, a USB cable, and a user manual in Russian.

Polaris PWK 0103T review


For decoration, a calm color scheme was chosen. The tank is turquoise, the base is snow-white.

Polaris PWK 0103T

Made in pocket size. It has very compact dimensions for this class of devices.

Polaris PWK 0103T

It’s a telescopic design. In the stowed position, it folds up, for work and filling the water, the block extends, freeing the tank. Height 13.5 cm when assembled, 20.7 cm when extended.

Polaris PWK 0103T

Water is poured through a hole in the base, closed by a lid. Volume 180 ml, designed for one session of charging.

Polaris PWK 0103T

The issue of storage of nozzles is also thought out, in the back of the block there is a niche for their installation. They will not be lost or broken during transportation, nor will they get dirty.

Polaris PWK 0103T

The controls are accessible only in the extended position, accidental pressing is completely excluded. There are only two buttons, one of them turns on or off the work, and the second switches modes. Below is a panel with indicators showing the selected mode. There is a separate indicator of the need for charging and its completion.

Polaris PWK 0103T

The Polaris PWK 0103T case is IPX7 waterproof and can be washed under running water, but it is important to cover the power socket with a plug.

Polaris PWK 0103T

Of the useful accessories, we also note a waterproof rag cover. Comes with two jet nozzles. The second can be both a spare and allow several people to use the irrigator. Nozzles to buy in the official store of the manufacturer.

Polaris PWK 0103T

They are placed on the upper face in a hole with a mechanical lock. To remove, you must first press the button.

Polaris PWK 0103T


This irrigator supports 11 modes of water supply. Three of them with preset factory settings:

  • normal – for people with healthy gums. Daily care, gum massage and cleaning of interdental spaces.
  • soft – for novice users, sensitive teeth and gums.
  • impulse – for massaging the gums and cleaning the gum pockets.

There are also eight options for settings, the intensity of the water flow and the time in which is set by the user. This set of operating modes will allow you to choose the optimal one depending on the recommendation of the attending physician or the preferences of the owner.

Polaris PWK 0103T

Before the start of operation, a full charge cycle of Polaris PWK 0103T was carried out, it is controlled through an LED indicator. After that, fill the filtered water into the tank, install the nozzle and you can proceed to the cleaning procedure. If this is the first experience with an irrigator, then it is optimal to choose the “soft” mode. In the future, without problems with the gums and teeth, switch to “normal”.

In our case, it was used as an addition to a toothbrush. Conducted two cleaning procedures during the working day after meals. So the remnants of food were removed from the interdental spaces, and the gums were massaged, which improves blood circulation and reduces the risk of oral diseases.

Polaris PWK 0103T

As noted above, the installed orthodontic structures will not allow for effective brushing with a toothbrush. The water supplied by the jet cleans even the most inaccessible areas, these are locks on braces and hidden niches under bridge prostheses.

The portable and compact design format allows you to take the irrigator with you not only on trips, but also to work. The built-in battery gives up to 20 days of battery life with daily procedures for 2 minutes.


Gold.  Editor's Choice MegaObzorIrrigators can be safely recommended to all people who care about oral health. Polaris PWK 0103T, in turn, gives advantages in the form of the ability to operate not only at home, but also at work, on business trips and vacations. Good battery life, telescopic design, 11 operating modes, two nozzles included, a rag case and a neat appearance.
Polaris PWK 0103T receives the well-deserved award “Gold. Editor’s Choice”.

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