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Review of smart watches HUAWEI Watch GT3

Last year we introduced you to HUAWEI WATCH GT2 Pro watches pleased with their workmanship, durability and excellent autonomy at a moderate cost up to 20 thousand rubles. They were replaced by a model WATCH GT3and that is what we are going to talk about today.


In Russia, WATCH GT3 is available in classic (Classic) and sports (Active) design case diameter 42 and 46 mm. The junior model is priced at Rs. The large model is priced at Rs. The classic version is made in silver with a brown leather strap.

In terms of packaging, HUAWEI decided not to change anything before us is the same black box made of thick cardboard with a nice glossy texture. On the front side, the watch itself is depicted in the selected color and the company logo, there is a mention of a branded digital content store and the name of the device. On the reverse side is only basic technical information.

In the box, the watch is already with the strap installed. it remains only to put them on and turn them on to start connecting, setting up and using them. In a secret compartment under two covers you can find a wireless charger, which now comes with a non-removable cable. its power was increased to 10 watts. You can also find a quick guide to the device there.


The design of WATCH GT3 46mm looks strict and elegant. However, externally, this watch does not differ much from the previous generation in the face of the similarly sized GT2. The difference lies in the small details and materials.

The watch case is round and made of stainless steel, painted black in our case. The surface of the case is easily soiled and collects fingerprints. True, they are easily erased. The slats or horns that hold the strap are slightly thinner compared to the GT2.

The front of the screen is covered with tempered glass. Unlike the sapphire used in the GT2 Pro, it scratches more easily. Around the screen there is a bezel, which is one with a protective glass and has engraved notches and numbers indicating seconds. It is made at a slight beveled angle and, as expected, does not have a swivel mechanism. It is worth noting that between the bezel and the screen there is a black frame 1.5-2 mm thick, which you notice only when you carefully examine the watch and when installing bright watchfaces.

The bottom part of the body adjacent to the skin is made of glossy plastic with a glass insert in the middle, where the new sensor with eight LEDs and two light sources (red and green) is located. They should provide more accurate measurement data. The case has a moisture protection of up to 5 atmospheres, which means that you can not only walk in the rain and take a shower in the watch, but also engage in water sports. They survived the shower without problems.

Two buttons are used as controls. The upper round shape responds not only to pressing, but also to rotation. The latter provides the user with convenient navigation through long lists of certain applications, the ability to smoothly adjust the volume of music, as well as zoom in or out icons in the main menu. All these actions are accompanied by a vibration response. A nice little thing is the small engraving of HUAWEI WATCH GT on the outside of the button. The second button has an oblong and flat shape. It serves for auxiliary actions and for quick access to the desired application, which is set to training by default.

The fluoroelastomer strap is 22mm wide and features standard watch clasps that securely attach to the slats of the case. The material is durable, wear-resistant and, unlike silicone, rubs the skin less. On the hand, the strap is fixed with a metal buckle, and the tip of the strap is held with two trenchers.

The dimensions of the watch are 45.9 x 45.9 x 11 mm, and the weight with the strap 73 grams. They are light enough for both male and female hands. However, the 46 mm model is more suitable for a man’s hand than for a thin woman’s hand, where they will look a bit large.


  • Model code: JPT-B19
  • Minimum smartphone OS requirement: HarmonyOS 2 or later, Android 6.0 or later, iOS 9.0 or later
  • Size: 45.9mm × 45.9mm × 11mm
  • Weight: 43 g (without strap)
  • Screen: 1.43″ AMOLED color screen, resolution: 466 x 466 pixels, supports swipe and touch gestures
  • Battery: 455 mAh
  • Charging type: wireless
  • Processor: unknown
  • Built-in memory: 4 GB
  • RAM: 32 MB
  • Working time: 14 days battery life
  • Connectivity: GPS, Beidou, GLONASS, Galileo, QZSS, Bluetooth 5.1 with BLE/BR/EDR support, NFC (Huawei Pay)
  • Water resistance: 5ATM
  • Speaker: yes
  • Microphone: yes
  • Sensors: accelerometer, gyroscope, geomagnetic sensor, optical heart rate monitor, atmospheric pressure sensor, temperature sensor, light sensor, compass
  • Monitoring: steps, TrueSleep sleep, running, heart rate, calories, stress, blood oxygen (SpO2), women’s cycles, skin temperature


The watch has a round-shaped screen with a 1.43″ AMOLED matrix with a resolution of 466×466 pixels. It has no dead zones. The display is very bright, but it is expected to have PWM, which can be a problem for users with sensitive eyesight. The built-in light sensor regulates brightness automatically, so if you suddenly wake up at night and look at the clock, it will not blind you.During the day, the screen is perfectly readable even under direct light sources.

The display supports the always-on screen function, and the look of the dial in this mode depends on the selected watchface. You can also set the screen to activate when you raise your hand, or make sure that the screen does not turn off for a certain time.

As for watchfaces, there are 13 watch faces available by default on the watch. Most of them are new, but some are old. Some watch faces support customization and allow you to display the necessary information from widgets, as well as organize a quick transition to the desired application. More watch faces can be found and downloaded through the Health app (HUAWEI Health). There are several hundred free watchfaces available, as well as even more paid ones. costing from 20 to 180 rubles, so you can change the design of the dial at least every day.


HUAWEI decided not to use Lite OS, which was the backbone of the GT2 line. Instead, Harmony OS 2.0 is used here, which the manufacturer is rapidly developing and has already managed to adapt to work with a wide variety of devices and even cars. This benefited the watch as navigation became smoother and faster.

The overall design of the OS does not differ much from Lite OS, but there are still minor external changes. For example, the main menu of applications no longer looks like a list, but like a large screen of many icons, which can be zoomed in and out with a rotary button. Widgets can now only be accessed from the home screen by swiping from right to left. If you swipe from left to right, you will be taken to a screen with the current weather and a list of devices where you can control music.

Swiping down to the bottom of the screen still displays notifications. Now they are sorted by applications, and most importantly opportunity to answer them. And not only on SMS, but also in Telegram, WhatsApp and others. Default responses are limited to emojis and 10 standard phrases only. However, through the Health app (HUAWEI Health), you can add your own. Here is progress.

Also, the functionality of answering a call has appeared using prepared phrases for SMS with an incoming call, if you suddenly cannot speak at the moment. Talking on the clock, as before, is carried out through the built-in speaker and microphone, which have a fairly good sound quality.

One of the new features compared to the previous generation of watches is the continuous measurement of skin temperature. It is difficult to judge the accuracy of this sensor, since the temperature of the hands is more dependent on the ambient temperature than the temperature of the forehead or armpit. The temperature fluctuates when measured from 29 to 35 degrees. But the difference between measuring the pulse and oxygen in the blood is quite close to real indicators at least at rest when compared to a pocket pulse oximeter.

Another innovation was the emergence of the possibility of paying by the clock through the Huawei Pay service. However, payment via the NFC module is available only to cardholders of the UnionPay payment system, which is supported by only 4 banks in Russia: Gazprombank, Rosselkhozbank, Vostochny and Solidarity. At the end of October last year, HUAWEI announced that contactless payment through the Wallet application will appear in 2022 on watches from the Watch 3 line, which supports cards from about 60 Russian banks.

Otherwise, the standard features of the watch do not differ from the previous generation. There is also the possibility of tracking sleep, which will recommend going to bed early and give tips for improving rest, and more than a hundred workout options, and other useful little things like a stopwatch, alarm clock and calendar notes. You can expand the capabilities of the watch using third-party applications through the AppGallery store. True, not much, since there are not very many applications yet, and even fewer useful ones. Of these, perhaps, we can note the Navigation G Maps programs (notifications when navigating Google Maps) and similar ones for 2GIS and PetalMaps maps, as well as a calculator and Plus Watch. The latter is a companion of an alternative Telegram client called Plus Messenger, which allows you to respond to notifications of this messenger, including by typing. So in terms of applications, the watch manufacturer has much to strive for. so far it’s pretty poor.


With the battery, the manufacturer did not become wiser and installed here the same one that we saw in the previous generation. The GT2 series was famous for its good autonomy of up to 14 days, and the GT3 decided to continue this tradition.

In a month of daily use, I needed to charge the watch only 3 times. On average, they lived for 10-12 days with constant monitoring of heart rate, skin temperature, stress and sleep, as well as with frequent notifications from applications and instant messengers. In addition, from time to time I received calls on them and controlled music on my smartphone.

With the included 10-watt wireless charging, the watch takes about 2 hours to charge, which is a third faster than the previous generation.


This is a good watch with most modern sensors for tracking user activities, which have become more accurate. They offer an excellent strict design and a stainless steel case with attention to detail. The new button with a rotating mechanism, apparently, was peeped from the manufacturer of apple watches and benefited the device in terms of ease of navigation. Payment functions are still very limited, and it remains only to wait for the manufacturer’s further work in this direction.

They lack, perhaps, a greater variety of applications in the company store and eSIM support. True, the latter would hit hard on the excellent autonomy of the watch and the price, which not everyone is willing to sacrifice, and we are no exception.

Author: Sergey Dyakonenko (Madnfs)

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