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Richmond Football Club from ‘Ted Lasso’ looks like it’s coming to FIFA 23

FIFA 23 may be marked by a rather unusual collaboration. Apparently, a football team will appear in the game “Richmond“together with the coach Ted Lasso from the Apple TV+ series of the same name.

A photo appeared on the Twitter account of the series, which depicts the actor Jason Sudeikis while scanning to create a 3D model.

The post referred to Mario, referring to the character as “not the only pixelated dude with a mustache who never knows where the pipe will take him”, and the account was tagged in the comments under the tweet. EA Sports FIFAleaving an emoji with watching eyes.

The post intersects with the news that last week sharp-eyed fans noticed AFC Richmond in the list of clubs on the FIFA 23 website.

“Ted Lasso” tells the story of the English football club “Richmond”, who, in a difficult situation, hires American football coach Ted Lasso as a new mentor for his team.

FIFA 23 will release on September 30th and will be available in Early Access three days prior. The game will be the latest in a line of EA Sports football games licensed by FIFA. Starting next year, the series will continue to be released under the EA Sports FC brand.

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