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Rockstar Games Confirms Genuine GTA 6 Gameplay Leak

The most important news this weekend was the leak of GTA 6 gameplay, although initially, of course, few people believed that this actually happened. On the net, you could find information that this is actually a fake, that the game is not yet at that stage of development so that someone could access the video with such gameplay and stuff like that. But soon, representatives of Rockstar Games officially announced that this was indeed an early build of the video game GTA 6, which got into the screen recording format to third-party users through a hacker attack. This, of course, greatly upset the company, since Rockstar Games has always tried to keep its projects in the strictest confidence and not reveal details ahead of time, but this time it turned out like this.

At the same time, Rockstar Games employees reported that this did not really affect their work – now the game is already at a completely different stage, it is improving and the gameplay drain did not damage the development process in any way. The company also emphasizes that this is not the current state of the game, but only an early build, on which some mechanics are tested, the interaction of objects with the outside world, and more. I would also like to note the high-quality lighting – in fact, the shadows and highlights in this build look much more beautiful than what was implemented in GTA 5. Let’s hope that the developers will be able to bring the game to perfection over the next couple of years so that gamers can appreciate these effects and other interesting mechanics on their own, and not from videos and screenshots.

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