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RTX 4090 connectors from third-party brands appeared

If you follow the graphics card market, you know that many RTX 4090 models have a melting power connector, because the manufacturer decided to make one 16-pin connector instead of three 8-pin connectors. At the same time, the quality of the connector from NVIDIA is extremely mediocre, the user simply cannot get a guarantee that the port will not melt today or tomorrow. And yes, you can go to the service and they will re-solder the connector for you, but you must admit that it is not very pleasant to play and look into the case for smoke. And it turned out that if you connect a good connector at the right angle, then the problem can be avoided – sometimes users just insert the connector crookedly and it cannot cope with the supply of electricity of such a volume along one line.

Accordingly, third-party companies have already begun to produce their own cables, which are L-shaped at the place of the connector and allow you not to worry that the cable will be poorly inserted or that difficulties will arise due to improper bending of the cables. This is extremely important, but now that third-party manufacturers are also releasing their solutions, no one can guarantee you that the port will not melt. The situation is extremely sad, since a video card costs a lot of money, and at the same time it can fail at any time, and third-party solutions cost $ 100 per cable, and they also do not give any guarantee. It turns out too expensive pleasure, which is also in a terrible deficit lately.

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