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Rumor: Sony has blocked the release of Cult of the Lamb in Xbox Game Pass

A fast-growing roguelike and religious cult simulator Cult of the Lambcreated by the team Massive Monstercould become part of a subscription Xbox Game Pass. However, this did not happen because the company Sony allegedly concluded with the publishing house Return Digital an agreement prohibiting the premiere of new items on the site Microsoft.

More on this in a new podcast. Kinda Funny Games said the journalist Gary Whitta. The informant did not specify his sources, but noted that, according to his information, the absence of Cult of the Lamb is due to the actions of Sony.

Cult of the Lamb a multi-platform game, but Sony apparently has the marketing rights to the PlayStation ads associated with it. According to Witta, against this background, the platform holder cannot allow the free distribution of the project in a subscription on a competing platform.

Recently, Microsoft management explicitly stated that Sony is holding back the development of Game Pass by banning partners from releasing games on the service. Examples were provided to the Brazilian antitrust authorities, but this document did not make it online.

Cult of the Lamb was released on all relevant platforms a week ago and has already attracted a million audience.

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