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Sales of a full-size dryer Candy Rapid’O started in Russia

The division of Haier Europe, which is responsible for the development of the Candy brand in Russia, announces the start of sales of a full-size dryer Candy Rapid’O ROE H10A2TCE-07 (art. 31102330) with a body depth of 60 cm and a load of up to 10 kg, which can be installed in a column to a full-sized washing machine using a special installation kit.

Candy Rapid’O ROE H10A2TCE-07 is equipped with an economical Heat Pump, which allows you to dry clothes more efficiently with less energy consumption. This technology provides minimal heat loss, which allows you to save up to 50% of electricity compared to condensing dryers. Thanks to the Heat Pump, the Candy Rapid’O ROE H10A2TCE-07 tumble dryer does not require the costly pre-installation of damp air ducts, and can be installed in any room without the risk of changing the humidity level.

On the control panel of the new dryer, 14 drying programs are available, 7 of which are fast, as well as special programs for various types of fabrics, on which drying can be carried out both by time and by residual moisture. For example, the WOOLMARK-certified wool drying program allows you to gently dry woolen garments without losing their external qualities, thanks to a special drum movement algorithm and careful temperature control. “Daily Ideal 59′” and “Daily 45′” are universal programs for every day, providing excellent drying quality for medium loads with a given execution time. “Eco 30′” is suitable for light loads, allowing you to dry clothes with maximum savings in time and energy, while the “Refresh” (20 min) and “No Creases” (12 min) programs ideally remove unpleasant odors from laundry with the crease function.

When the “Easy Iron” function available on the control panel is activated, the machine changes the drum movement algorithm to reduce the number of thermal creases on the fabric, and also automatically sets the drying level to “Ready to iron”: things will be slightly damp at the end of the drying cycle, which will facilitate ironing. Some drying programs allow you to set individual settings, such as changing the drying time (in 10 minute increments) and the residual moisture level of the laundry. All changes made can be saved thanks to the “Memory” function for reuse without the need for reconfiguration

The Candy Rapid’O ROE H10A2TCE-07 dryer has a remote control function through a proprietary application, in which, in addition to the possibility of individual settings, 20 additional drying programs, practical tips on car care and statistical information are available to the user. As before, the company supports the idea of ​​rational use of resources, therefore, thanks to the container for condensate in the form of a watering can located on the door – EasyCase, which is incredibly easy to remove and return to its place, all the moisture accumulated in it can be reused, for example, for watering flowers. The indicator located on the control panel will notify you when the container needs to be emptied.

The Candy Rapid’O ROE H10A2TCE-07 is an A++ class tumble dryer that allows you to use multiple electrical appliances without the risk of overloading the network. The recommended price of Candy Rapid’O ROE H10A2TCE-07 is 64880 rubles.

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