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Samsung Galaxy S23 will get a battery saver mode

Insiders shared an extremely interesting detail that is likely to make the Samsung Galaxy S23 smartphones more attractive to potential buyers. The fact is that smartphones of this line should have a special low power consumption mode, which allows you to get the basic functions of a smartphone with extremely low battery consumption. Accordingly, the user will receive a rather interesting configuration of the smartphone – when necessary, the processor will work at full capacity, but in everyday tasks the mode of reduced power consumption will be activated. And this is an extremely important point, since in the end the buyer will receive a more attractive gadget.

After all, if a smartphone in everyday tasks does not use the full power of the processor, and energy consumption drops to a minimum, then the user will be able to significantly increase battery life with the same battery configuration. And this, in theory, can completely change the attitude of the audience towards the smartphone, since at the moment even entry-level smartphones, not to mention the middle class, already have enough performance, but autonomy is the characteristic due to which the user can get more advantages over other smartphones . Let’s hope this rumor turns out to be true and the Samsung Galaxy S23 will get an innovative battery and processor management system.

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