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Samsung Galaxy Z Fold new generation will receive a stylus in the case

Samsung some time ago made support for the stylus its main feature of the Note line, which allows you to take notes, quickly process some data, work with handwriting and more. The device quickly conquered the corporate sector, but now the gadget has simply ceased to exist – the company has long abandoned the Note line in favor of simply an enlarged flagship. But the stylus, which is very popular, has migrated to other gadgets and in the future it will be possible to work with it even on folding smartphones. It works very simply – the user purchases the Galaxy Z Fold, after which he takes out the stylus directly from the gadget’s case and takes notes, and then installs the same stylus into the case.

Based on this, there are two drawbacks at once – the first is that if the user presses the screen with a finger, then he feels the force of pressing, can save the screen and not press so hard, or just use the device carefully. When it comes to the stylus, everything is completely different here – the user gets a plastic gadget with which he can press too hard on the display, which itself is extremely soft and not suitable for this kind of operation. Moreover, you need to understand that the stylus in the smartphone case takes up a lot of space, while the same space could be occupied simply by a battery, for example. All this makes the new stylus solution a bit controversial, especially when you consider the top segment.

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