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Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 received Android 13

Today, Samsung has officially released an update for its proprietary One UI 5.0 firmware, which has recently been released. It is worth noting that this firmware is based on the new Android 13 operating system, which is currently only available on a couple of smartphones around the world, and the manufacturer immediately stated that the OS is slightly underdeveloped, so patches will be released frequently and regularly. And, judging by the report for the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4, the update really is more of a bug fix and optimization – the manufacturer did not introduce anything new. Accordingly, if you were expecting some new features, then you should not – the company is now trying to bring to mind what is already there. And it turns out quite well – there are enough points in the patch.

For example, many bugs were fixed that prevented the smartphone from working at the proper level, plus users received a number of improvements regarding the performance of the device. Moreover, I would like to note that at the moment, Android 13 itself is very far from ideal – it is literally the most problematic operating system in recent years, which still needs to be finalized for a long time to the state of release. But, in any case, it’s nice that major smartphone manufacturers release updates and users get a fresh version of the system, although, of course, now this only applies to the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4, which acts as a test platform for all upcoming innovations.

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