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Samsung introduced the 990 PRO line of drives

Samsung has officially announced the release of the next generation 990 PRO SSD lineup, which will use the PCIe Gen 4.0 interface. It appears that Samsung is not jumping into the PCIe Gen 5 generation just yet. The 990 Pro M.2 NVMe SSDs will retain the Gen 4.0 standard, and it looks like the next generation lineup, which will be launched by CES 2023 and with Samsung’s new 1000 series brand, will have new interface design Gen 5.0. The new 990 PRO SSDs offer a 50 percent performance-per-watt increase and slightly better transfer speeds when using the integrated SSD controller.

With the latest Samsung V-NAND memory and a new proprietary controller, the 990 PRO series offers the highest speed currently available for PCIe 4.0 interface. SSD and provides sequential read and write speeds up to 7450 MB / s and 6900 MB / s, respectively, and random read and write speeds up to 1400K and 1550K IOPS, respectively. With a 55% improvement in random number performance over the 980 PRO, the 990 PRO is particularly well suited for heavy gaming as well as creative and productive tasks. High-performance NVMe SSDs are also critical to taking full advantage of the latest game consoles and gaming technologies. For example, when testing Forspoken, Luminous Productions’ upcoming role-playing game with support for the latest game loading technology, card loading time was about one second, compared to four seconds for a SATA SSD and 28 seconds for an HDD.

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