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Samsung Odyssey Ark is officially on sale for $3,500

The latest report on the new Samsung Odyssey Ark gaming display was revealed at CES 2022 earlier this year. Samsung is now accepting pre-orders for its 55-inch gaming monitor, which will be released in mid-September 2022 for $3,500. The new Samsung Odyssey Ark offers a 55-inch display with 4K screen resolution and 165Hz refresh rate (an industry first). Also, the new Odyssey Ark has several features that may be of interest to individual users. Samsung’s new gaming monitor offers a 1000R curvature display that can be rotated from portrait mode to landscape mode, allowing for three separate video sources.

The display also offers its own operating system – Samsung Tizen OS – integrated streaming apps like YouTube or Apple TV Plus work out of the box on this monitor. The Odyssey Ark also has a built-in smart TV feature with the company’s internal Samsung Gaming Hub, allowing cloud streaming across multiple platforms such as Amazon Luna, Google Stadia, and Xbox Game Pass. In addition to playing games on the Samsung Odyssey Ark, the monitor supports picture-in-picture or PIP modes, which has become the industry standard for TVs and multiple PC monitors. In portrait mode, which the company calls “cabin” mode, the screen automatically adjusts the image so that the user doesn’t have to make adjustments themselves.

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