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Samsung will install Exynos 2300 in its flagship

About a year ago, information appeared on the Internet that Samsung plans to use processors of its own production in some flagship smartphones. Shortly after that, it turned out that in fact their processors were not as productive as the company’s management said, and then Samsung made a different decision – there was information that the Exynos 2300 was completely abandoned in favor of Qualcomm processors. This is quite sad for such a large company, but in general the situation is more than expected, since no one will buy an Exynos 2300 flagship if there is a similar flagship with a more powerful processor. In this regard, Samsung acted wisely, but now there is new evidence that the manufacturer has changed its mind again.

According to insiders, the Exynos 2300 processor will be used on some smartphones in a certain region. Most likely, we are talking about the flagship Galaxy S23, which should be shown in the near future. And, apparently, in large markets, this smartphone will be sold on Qualcomm processors, while in a market where the company’s presence is more insignificant, the company will work on an experiment with its own chip. It sounds a little strange, but in fact the implementation of the plan is more or less adequate. The only question is the cost of such a flagship, because if it is weaker than the opponent, then the price should be lower. We will follow the news and tell you all the details.

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