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Samsung will release 82% of all displays for iPhone 14

The latest data from Display Supply Chain Consultants shows that compared to the previous year, Samsung Display has slightly lost its market share, compared to 83 percent of orders from Apple last year – in the production of iPhone 14, the company will produce 82% of all panels for the new flagship, so losing one percent doesn’t really matter much. Apple will reportedly receive a total of 34 million iPhone 14 panels from the aforementioned vendors. The tech giant received about 1.8 million units in June, 5.35 million in July and another 10 million in August. As for September, Apple is expected to receive the largest shipment with 16.5 million units.

We believe the iPhone maker will need more panels in the remaining months, as an earlier report claimed the company plans to ship 90 million iPhone 14 units in 2022. This means that Apple will require another 56 million panels over the remainder of the year. As for which model will receive the most shipments, DSCC previously noted that the iPhone 14 Pro Max will have the highest panel shipments of the remaining three, which is no surprise given that this model will have the most upgrades. To our surprise, the iPhone 14 Max, a less expensive model that will presumably have the same display size as the iPhone 14 Pro Max, will have the smallest bezel shipments, but things could get better every month. Apple is expected to release the iPhone 14 series on September 7, so we’ll have all the information for you then.

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