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“Scam”: Players and developers criticized Blizzard for insidious design in Diablo IV – she promised to figure it out

The gaming community has found another reason to scold Blizzard for non-standard decisions in the first season Diablo IVin particular formalicious design». The fact is that the game interface is designed in such a way that you can accidentally activate the battle pass.

The button to activate the Premium Battle Pass is located on the Season Journey tab, where players constantly check their progress, and some clicked on it by accident. Moreover, confirmation for the transaction was not required – an accidental click turned into a pass activation.

According to the streamer Rurikhanhe hoped to activate the premium battle pass in one of the next seasons of Diablo IV, but the “devious design” of the game’s interface did not allow him to fulfill his plan. Streamer called the whole situation a “scam” by Blizzard.

The situation was also noticed by the gaming industry, for example, Josh Sawyer from Obsidian Entertainmentwho called the situationabsolute shit».

Subsequently, Blizzard’s head of Diablo community work, Adam Fletcher, posted on social media that the developers were working on fixing the problem.. He promises that in a future patch, the cursor will be set to the progress view tab by default.

This situation took place in the background cool reception of the first season in Diablo IV. Fans have massively criticized the changes implemented by the developers in the July 18 patch, including the slowdown in the development of heroes, the weakening of all classes, and controversial balance changes.

It also turned out that in the battle pass you can earn only 666 coins, which is not enough not only to buy the next subscription, but also to buy the cheapest cosmetics, the cost of which starts at 800 coins.

The creators of the action admitted that they had missed, and said that they would not release such updates in the future.. Along with this, Blizzard is already preparing update 1.1.1, aimed, in particular, at strengthening the wizard and barbarian, as well as increasing the density of enemies in the dungeons. The patch will be released soon.

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