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Schreier: Releasing KotOR remake even in 2024 is wishful thinking

At the end of July Jason Schreier from Bloomberg spoke about the problems with the development of the remake Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic от Aspyr Media.

Allegedly, the development of the remake was put on hold after the unsatisfactory results of showing a vertical cut to partners from Lucasfilm and Sony Interactive Entertainment, and design director Brad Prince and art director Jason Minor were fired.

The other day the company Embracer Groupwhich owns Aspyr, indicated as part of its quarterly results announcement that it had changed developers on one of its AAA games, and many speculated that this was a remake of KotOR, given that it had already joined the project to help Saber Interactive. In the same report, Embracer indicated that it did not expect significant delays in the development of the game due to studio changes.

On Twitter, Schreier reacted to the news by pointing out that the remake of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic will definitely not appear this year. Moreover, according to him, waiting for the release to take place at least in 2024 is “wishful thinking”, unless the authors reduce the game in scale.

Schreier’s original report stated that Aspyr promised employees and partners to release a remake of KotOR by the end of this year, but the developers themselves now consider a release in 2025 a more realistic goal.

If the information about the change of developers is correct, then, most likely, before the first full-fledged show, not to mention the release, it may really take several years.

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