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Sony bought a 14.09% stake in FromSoftware

parent company FromSoftware sold 30,34% developer shares Dark Souls, Bloodborne and Elden Ring Sony now owns 14,09%and the Chinese Tencent 16,25%.

In a corporate statement Kadokawa says the $260 million investment will go towards developing FromSoftware, creating new IPs and expanding publishing capabilities. At the moment, the Miyazaki team independently releases its own games only in Japan, while in the West it has to use the services of third-party partners, such as Bandai Namco. The latter was responsible for the global release this year. Elden Ring.

FromSoftware also wants to continue to reach new audiences, and this is where the Sony and Tencent connection could come in very handy. The former has a strong capacity to promote console games, while the latter has a strong capacity to create and launch mobile games in China and globally.

As of the end of June, Elden Ring has sold 16.6 million copies.. According to rumors FromSoftware’s next game will be a reboot of Armored Core.

In 2021, Sony received 1.9% of parent company FromSoftware.

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