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Sony has announced the release date of the PlayStation VR2

Today, Sony has officially announced the release date of the PlayStation VR2 virtual reality helmet, which, as it turned out, will go on sale only on February 22, 2023. The company assures that this helmet will be in stock, there will be no shortage and price increase for it, but, of course, I would like to receive similar statements about the PS5 console itself, without which this helmet simply will not work. And this is one of the reasons why the next generation virtual reality helmet probably will not be in the necessary demand – the manufacturer simply did not sell so many consoles that the helmet was actually bought in huge volumes. At the moment, the console has sold only 25 million units worldwide – this is more than two years after the start of sales.

Even assuming that at least 10% of console owners will buy a virtual reality headset, although this is just crazy, the company will be able to sell a total of 2.5 million headsets. And this is taking into account the fact that the buyer, after playing a couple of games, will not refuse the device and send it to the secondary market, thereby reducing overall sales by half. With such sales volumes, it is not necessary to talk about an impressive development of the market or that the manufacturer will capture the audience with its new solution. This is simply not the case – too small a range of games, too few consoles, too high a price. Let’s hope that the situation will improve, but the chances are very small.

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