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Sony starts cracking down on junk PS4 and PS5 games on the PS Store

Company Sony changed the algorithms for issuing content collections in the digital store PlayStation Storeso that the main positions on the site are occupied by the discussed and expected novelties, and not by numerous low-quality projects that are consistently entering the market PS4 and PS5. Netizens have taken notice.

In the case of the low-quality projects mentioned above, we are mainly talking about cheap applications where there is practically no gameplay, but there is a platinum trophy. In these “games”, users are often asked to press the same button an infinite number of times, while watching repeated animations (for example, in the form of a jumping burger or french fries). Such releases attract trophy hunters who are obsessed with the number of platinum trophies on the account.

Despite the low cost and zero artistic value of such games, in the past it was not uncommon for PlayStation Store algorithms to display them directly on the home page. Now it’s not like that the first positions on the showcase of the digital store are occupied by other projects more deserving.

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