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Square Enix releases farming sim Harvestella on Nintendo Switch and PC

Square Enix released developed by the Tokyo studio Live Wire role-playing game in the genre of life simulation At Harvest. In it, players will have to cultivate the fields in a bright and colorful world, get to know the city dwellers, cope with failures, explore the world and ultimately unravel the mystery of a global catastrophe..

The story begins with the awakening of the character in the midst of Tychus, a natural disaster that occurs during the change of seasons and threatens all living things. While the season of death lasts, the fields wither, and people cannot leave their houses because of the ominous “dust”.

In Harvestella, players will be able to visit many different cities and dungeons:

  • Nemea, where cherries bloom all year round;
  • coastal Chatoll with numerous bars;
  • the village of Lets, full of bright colors of nature;
  • the snow-covered Holy Capital of Argen.

In the adventures, players will meet many characters, and the battles will proceed according to the standard scheme for the genre: you can instantly switch between different roles, for example, a fighter, a magician, or a warrior with two blades crouching in the shadows.

Harvestella is already available to users on Nintendo Switch and PC. You can watch the launch trailer below. The page is not available on Russian Steam.

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