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Steam Deck became more available in Russia – prices fell even more

Steam Deck is not officially represented in Russia, but is sold through intermediaries on various message boards, such as Grandfather. According to observations, over the past few months, dealers have significantly reduced the cost of the device.

So, if in March a portable PC console Valve could be found from Russian sellers no cheaper than 450-550 thousand rubles, then by mid-April offers began to appear at a price of 150-250 thousand rubles, depending on the amount of built-in memory. Against the backdrop of a decrease in hype and stabilization of the ruble, the gadget fell even more by the end of August.

We studied the available options on Avito in Russia. The cheapest Steam Deck starts from 52 thousand rubles on order from Europe. Available consoles start from 75 thousand for the 64 GB variant, the 256 GB model can be had for about 90 thousandwhile the 512 GB version is sold in the area 110 thousand rubles.

As a rule, in such announcements we are talking about a new product in a sealed package with a factory seal..

In Europe, the official Steam Deck prices are 419, 549 and 679 euros depending on the memory.

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