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Summer update has started in ArcheAge

In a fantasy MMORPG ArcheAge An update has been released that has added the Eternal Cloak of Efen, the improved Nagashar dungeon, and many new challenges to the game. Moreover, the game started the event “Mythbusters” with exciting cross-server battles and a lot of valuable rewards.

  • Starting today, the Mythbusters event is available in the game. Heroes will have to fight world bosses in colorful locations, as well as other players, getting honor points for victory. Passing the test, users will be able to earn points not only for personal credit, but also for their server and exchange them for valuable rewards of various values.
  • “Eternal Efenian Cloak” appeared in ArcheAge. The new item of clothing has high characteristics to strengthen the player in battle. Players who craft the Eternal Efenian Cloak and cloaks of another category will receive useful consumables and a stylish scarlet scarf.
  • Improved instance “Nagashar” is now available in the fantasy world, which will be a great place to hone your skills in battle. Also, a new battle pass “On the wings of a dream” has started in ArcheAge.

S August 18 to September 15 the game will open instance “Duskshire”. Heroes will fight for supremacy in the new season of the royal battle on the Golden Plains.

Additional information can be obtained on the official site.

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