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Survival game Expedition Agartha debuts on Steam

Snail Games Wandering Wizard has announced Expedition Agartha, a first-person multiplayer medieval hardcore survival game. The game was developed by the indie studio Matrioshka Games.

Expedition Agartha is a medieval first-person PvPvE project. Explorers and mercenaries from all over the world find themselves on a mysterious island in the Lost Continent of Mu. In the depths of the earth, the Secrets of Agartha await their discovery. Players will go on expeditions alone or with two friends and work their way through the island. The game features a hardcore PvP experience with full loot. Dangerous NPCs roam the regions, but even deadlier players roam the land in search of treasure and blood. Participate in raids, collect resources, defeat enemies, complete quests and escape.

Expedition Agartha debuts on Steam in Early Access.

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