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Home ยป Teslagrad 2, the 2013 sequel to Metroidvania, was shown

Teslagrad 2, the 2013 sequel to Metroidvania, was shown

In September 2020 studio Rain Games announced Tesla degree 2. Almost two years later, the continuation of Metroidvania, released in 2013, was shown on Gamescom 2022. The events of the sequel will unfold in the fictional Wyrmheim, during the creation of which the developers were inspired by their homeland – Norway.

The team promises to keep the spirit of the original and use the visual style that captured the hearts of the players. The sequel will once again focus on exploration and puzzles based on the principles of magnetism.

This time, the main character will be Lumina, who finds herself in a difficult situation after the crash of an airship in a dangerous northern country. The girl has to go on a dangerous journey to return home to her family, and for this it is necessary at least to survive in the snowy desert.

Teslagrad 2 will debut in spring 2023 on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch and PC under the auspices of the publisher Modus Gamesfamiliar to the players Cris Tales and getting ready to go Soulstice.

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