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Home » The author of the Troubles leak announced that the full early build of the game was leaked to the network

The author of the Troubles leak announced that the full early build of the game was leaked to the network

Leaked pre-alpha footage surfaced online last week “Troubles» from Russian developers. Posted by user DTF Sergey “GoodWin” Fedorkov, discovered an early working build of the project on a used laptop that he «successfully bought» from the old owner on the ad site «Avito».

On May 25, Fedorkov said that he expected at least some kind of reaction from the developers. He claims that the purpose of his first publication of materials on the Troubles was to attract the attention of Cyberia Nova, but this did not follow..

“I wanted to streak the devs and get them out of their basement where they love to hang out in from time to time by leaking some information about the game (dranks love silence, especially in the process). Of course, I was 99% sure that the community of players would decide that the drain was controlled (and, of course, slightly warmed up this theory). Taking all precautions, I uploaded a piece of the captured video to Vimeo and posted a review on the site, which seemed to me the most skeptical in terms of the audience and waited.

The first few days everything went according to plan: the audience was seething, they demanded a response from the developers, the people were indignant at the stupid advertising campaign that did not exist. I was already anticipating that Cyberia Nova would issue a lengthy post on the topic and send a video of strikes uploaded to YouTube. But that didn’t happen.”

As a result, Sergey Fedorkov announced that the full early build of the game was leaked to the network. However, having studied archives with a total volume of 14 GB, journalists notedthat couldn’t run it.

The user himself believes that the lack of an official reaction indicates that now the game may not have developers. In addition, Fedorkov claims that in March the studio’s office allegedly disappeared from Novosibirsk.

The author of the leak also put forward the theory that the gaming direction might have liked the build of the Troubles, as a result of which the conglomerate “absorbed” the developers so that they would start producing the NauEngine engine and porting the game to it. However, these are just speculations with no official basis.

It is worth noting that the note with the drain of the entire build has been removed from the DTF website.. In the comments, Fedorkov explained this by the position of the moderators they do not want it to be posted on their site in the public domain. Now the author of the leak invites users to contact him for archives or wait for distributions to appear on torrent sites.

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