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Home ยป The authors of the remake of The Last of Us have made several changes to the final game

The authors of the remake of The Last of Us have made several changes to the final game

remake The Last of Us: Part I received no changes in the plot and generally remained the same, with the exception of a couple of details. This was told by journalists who have already passed the game.

Attention! The following contains major spoilers for the game’s ending. If you haven’t played the original, don’t read any further..

In the original The Last of Us, closer to the end, the main character Joel faced a difficult choice. He could either sacrifice Ellie’s life and allow her to be experimented on in the hope that he could find a cure for the virus that destroyed humanity, or he could save her and escape from the headquarters of the Cicadas.

As you know, Joel chose to save Ellie. This storyline was kept in the remake, but some changes were made to it..

First, the character model of the doctor who was about to perform Ellie’s surgery was changed to Abby’s father, Jerry, from the sequel. In addition, the authors slightly changed the dialogue in the finale, when Joel encountered a hostile doctor and ended up killing him. In the original, the doctor said, “Don’t come any closer,” while in the remake, that line was changed to, “I won’t let you take her.”

There are no other plot changes in the updated version, but new trophies have appeared. There is no exact list of achievements yet, so the details should be expected along with the lifting of the review embargo on August 31st.

The game itself is out. September 2 on PlayStation 5 and should appear later on PC.

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