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The autonomy of Sony Project Q will be only 3-4 hours

Last week, Sony introduced its Project Q portable console and during the demonstration event, representatives of the company answered many questions about this device, but autonomy was not announced – the manufacturer did not specify how long the device can work on a single battery charge. Luckily, Tom Henderson, a gaming industry insider with extensive experience and fairly accurate information, has stated that Sony’s Project Q will only last three to four hours on a single charge. That said, Sony’s latest portable console can be described as not the smartest device, as it does not have its own processors for processing PlayStation game content. All the computing power of the device must be used to process streaming games and read commands entered by the user, but no more.

Given the light load on the processing of the received content, one would expect the Sony Project Q to be able to offer long battery life at the level of its analogue competitor Logitech G Cloud. However, if Henderson’s information is correct, users will get extremely limited off-line time. Most likely, Sony decided that this was enough for gamers, or the decision was due to the overall weight, size or cost of a portable console. But gamers will obviously not be very happy with what is happening, because 4 hours of battery life is very little.

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