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Home ยป The creators of Until Dawn and The Quarry are working on a new survival horror IP

The creators of Until Dawn and The Quarry are working on a new survival horror IP

At the beginning of October from vacancies Supermassive Games it turned out that the creators of Until Dawn, The Dark Pictures and The Quarry are working on a new IP.

The recruitment announcements indicated that it was an unannounced AAA project powered by Unreal Engine for PC and console platforms with some form of multiplayer, dark stories, third-person combat and puzzles.

Recently, the studio has opened a few new vacancies, which gave a little more information about the unannounced project.

Specifically, Supermassive is looking for a level game designer to work on “an exciting new and unannounced horror IP.” The same announcement states that the candidate for this position will be engaged in the creation of “game spaces and locations that are interesting for study, exploration and survival.”

Apparently, we are talking about the next horror from the creator of Until Dawn and The Quarry Will Byse, which gotta get out tentatively in 2025-2026 and will not be associated with The Dark Pictures series, for which planned continuation.

In June, Supermassive Games released its new interactive horror game The Quarryand on November 18 the release will take place The Devil In Me, the final part of the first season of The Dark Pictures anthology. Also for 2023, the team is preparing a rail-based horror shooter The Dark Pictures: Switchback VR for the PlayStation VR2 helmet, which is the ideological successor to Until Dawn: Rush of Blood.

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