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Home ยป “The developers of Mortal Kombat 1 and Tekken 8 will have to work hard”: Capcom’s Street Fighter 6 receives very high marks

“The developers of Mortal Kombat 1 and Tekken 8 will have to work hard”: Capcom’s Street Fighter 6 receives very high marks

Fighting Street Fighter 6 from a Japanese publisher Capcom received first marks from professional critics. They have been extremely positive. โ€” the project is praised from all sides, noting the deep and easy-to-learn gameplay, the abundance of content and the bright visual component.

As of this writing, the average rating for Street Fighter 6 on the review aggregator is Metacritic stopped at 92 points out of 100, at OpenCritic the situation is identical.

Reviewers agree that the sixth installment of Street Fighter has successfully returned the franchise to the pantheon of the most influential and exciting in the genre, where both beginners and experienced users who are interested in fighting games at the most professional level can enjoy the gameplay.

Praise was given to the overall amount of content, namely the variety of modes, a large story campaign, customization options and several control layouts.

Noisy Pixel – 10/10

“Street Fighter 6 gave a new spin to the further development of the franchise, to the development of the entire community of fighting games. There is no question of how it is better or worse than other games in the genre, here you need to look at the big picture. The developers of Street Fighter 6 succeeded create fertile ground for the entire genre and its fans to enjoy.”

GameSpot – 9/10

“I can’t stop thinking about Stret Fighter 6. I go to bed with this game, and I wake up in the morning with this game in my mind. It has a beautifully put together combat system, it offers many modes that allow you to spend time in a very serious manner, and just mindlessly having fun behind the screen. There are some minor performance issues in the World Tour campaign, but they are not enough to ruin the experience from all other aspects of the game.”

Eurogamer – 4/5

“As of launch, Street Fighter 6 is about as good as a Street Fighter game can be. I’ve played it for over 50 hours and it’s likely to continue to be played for years to come. Don’t think it’s just “A classic Street Fighter with a revamped control system, it’s more than that – a completely new take on the genre. It’s a very accessible, engaging and relevant game. Encouraging social interaction, goofiness and explosive style. A truly special release.”

PC Gamer – 89/10

“The developers at Capcom have set up a real smorgasbord where you can decide for yourself which aspects of the game you like and are worth your attention. If the genre seemed too complicated and beyond your control before, then you can start getting acquainted with it right from this game. The entry point is better, It’s very hard to think of anything other than this and I’m looking forward to seeing how many new players are now getting into fighting games. โ€” Street Fighter 6 set the bar very high.”

Recall that the world premiere of Street Fighter 6 will take place on June 2.

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