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The developers of the ambitious Russian game DISTORTION will receive large investments

Private Investor Fund AVC signed a strategic contract for the purchase of a stake in a Moscow studio Game Art Pioneerswhich is currently developing a game AAA project DISTORTION. It first became known last fall..

The buyback of the share will be carried out in exchange for tranche financing of the project for a period of 14 years. The total amount of the contract and the volume of the share were not disclosed. It is known that the first tranche for 2023 will amount to 114 million rubles.

“This deal will allow us to scale steadily, systematically expanding the staff to create and promote products both within our DISTORTION universe and in new, yet unannounced franchises, and will also multiply the capabilities and efficiency of the company as a whole. Simply put, it will allow us to do more games, good and different,” said Dmitry Zdesev, founder of the studio.

“Such Game Art Pioneers studios of the company are now among the highly demanded and socially significant projects that can qualitatively change the Russian and world market of the gaming industry. It is important that this is a completely Russian project, with a quality product. It was to support and develop such initiatives that the platform fund was created AVC, initiated by the people’s holding company Avarest Invest JSC, so that every interested investor can participate in supporting such projects,” said Yury Novikov, CEO of the AVC platform.

Game Art Pioneers Studio was formed in June 2021. She plans to create breakthrough projects that can give players a vivid and deep experience. Now the team is preparing a role-playing action game with elements of the DISTORTION strategy. It should be out in early access. 2025.

“DISTORTION combines sci-fi, fantasy, war drama and high tragedy. The game takes place in a unique middlepunk setting, and the story is dedicated to mutual support and unity in the face of an overwhelming threat. The original and detailed game world of DISTORTION organically continues the philosophy and style of cyberpunk in synthesis with medieval fantasy, offering the player a glimpse into a dark and gruesome apocalypse story,” reads the official description.

Learn more about DISTORTION read in our large material.

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