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‘The Expendables’ female spin-off canceled

The ExpendaBellesfemale spin-off”Expendables(The Expendables), officially cancelled.

The film, which was supposed to unite the most popular actresses of the action genre on the screen, landed in production hell and did not show any signs of life for a long time. Now it is known why.

Producer Jeffrey Greenstein in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter spoke about the cancellation of the tape and the reasons. According to him, this is mainly due to the new approach to include more women in the main seriesas they didn’t feel like there was a good enough reason for intentionally separating the franchise into gender casts.

“We tried to develop The ExpendaBelles, the women’s version of The Expendables, but the problem with this project has always been finding a way to justify the need for a women’s team. Instead of trying to explain it, why not just put women on the regular team? Instead In order to explain why a female character is there and all that, you just do the same thing with a male character: show them kicking ass.”

In 2014, it was planned that the director of the women’s “The Expendables” would be Robert Luketic (“Legally Blonde”, “Killers”). The synopsis of the tape was even published on the network, but since then the project has stalled.

At the moment, the fourth part of The Expendables is being prepared for release, where one of the new characters will be the heroine performed by Megan Fox. The film will be released in 2023.

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