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The Last of Us: Part I received patch 1.02 with fixes

Studio Naughty Dog announced via social networks about the release of the patch 1.02 for a remake The Last Of Us: Part I на PlayStation 5.

The update size is 2.706 GB. The developers have not published a patch note with a detailed list of changes, but mentioned that the update contains fixes for the photo mode and accessibility options.

With the release of the update, the network also drew attention to some users experiencing screen tearing in the game on TVs without VRR and 120 Hz support.

The latest patch did not fix this problem, but a solution was found. To do this, turn off HDR in the PS5 settings, after which Screen Tearing eliminated. The method works in both Fidelity and Performance modes.

The Last of Us: Part I will later also be released on PC.

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