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‘The Little Mermaid’ remake tops US box office, ‘Fast 10’ box office plummets

Remake”Mermaidstopped the US box office, grossing $95.5 million on its debut weekend.

As a result of the long four-day weekend, which is currently underway in the United States in honor of Memorial Day, the film will have to collect $117 milliongiving it the fifth biggest launch of any release on National Memorial Day.

Internationally, the film earned an additional $68.3 million over the weekend in 51 markets, but The Little Mermaid’s production budget was hefty. $250 millionso that the success of the tape will depend on further audience interest.

In second place on the US charts is “Fast & Furious 10“, which showed a very sharp drop. The film’s box office for the second weekend in the United States collapsed by 66%, bringing in only 23 million dollars, and according to forecasts for the four-day weekend, the result will be 28.7 million dollars.

Overseas, “Furious 10” managed to beat “The Little Mermaid” at the end of the weekend, collecting 87.2 million dollars, which was 58% less than the previous weekend. In general, the picture overcame the mark in the world $507 millionbut this is still not enough, given that the budget of the film was $340 million without including marketing costs.

Guardians of the Galaxy 3finished in third place with $20 million and an estimated gross of $25.3 million over a four-day weekend, boosting the domestic box office total to $300 million. Taking into account international distribution, the film’s box office has already reached $731 million.

Super Mario Bros. in moviesranked fourth. The cartoon earned $6.3 million in the US over the weekend, reaching $560.9 million domestically after eight weeks of release. In total, taking into account foreign fees, the animation tape has already $1.276 billion.

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