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The new The Lords of the Fallen will take players to a giant open world with two realities – the first details

One of the highlights of yesterday’s presentation Gamescom Opening Night Live was the world premiere of the trailer for the new soullike The Lords of the Fallen from company CI Games.

The project is a reboot / rethinking of the original Lords of the Fallen, released in 2014 by the studio Deck13 Interactivebut this time a different team is responsible for production – HEXWORKS. Right after showed spectacular cinematic video, the game received official pages in digital stores, thanks to which the first details and details were revealed.

  • The Lords of the Fallen is a new epic adventure set in a massive world five times the size of the original game.
  • Players will have to overcome the horrors of two parallel worlds in order to overthrow the demon god Adir. The world of the living has its cruel trials, but truly innumerable horrors lurk precisely in the nightmarish realm of the dead.
  • You can choose from nine character classes and customize their appearance with a variety of visual options. Players will be able to develop their hero in accordance with the chosen play style, improving his characteristics, weapons, armor and spells.
  • The arsenal contains hundreds of unique weapons, but the developers do not forbid completely abandoning the “metal”, relying in battles solely on magic with its destructive spells.
  • The large-scale story campaign supports both single-player and two-player co-op. There will also be an “invasion” system in the manner of Dark Souls.
  • A special lantern is used to cross the border between worlds. In addition, it can be used to reach forgotten places, find legendary treasures, or directly affect the soul of an enemy.
  • After dying in the world of the living, players will be resurrected in the world of the dead, where “all the creatures of hell” will be waiting for them.
  • A system of rapid and smooth tactical combat is supported.
  • On their way, players will meet many local residents, but often their help will be “highly doubtful.”

Official synopsis:

“The demon god Adir tormented the country for many centuries, until he was finally overthrown. But a god cannot be killed… Many millennia have passed, and Adir will soon be reborn. You have to try on the role of one of the legendary Dark Crusaders, go through the world of the living and the world of the dead, fight many bosses, master fast-paced combat, meet many characters and learn the whole complex interesting story.Will you become a legend of light or a legend of darkness?”

The Lords of the Fallen is scheduled for release in 2023 for Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5 and PC.

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