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The plot of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II can be played in advance

Do you feel frustrated playing the game’s single-player campaign on release day when all your friends are jumping into multiplayer and leveling weapons at the speed of light? With Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II, you won’t have that burden. Activision has announced that pre-order customers can play the MW2 story campaign starting October 20, one week before the game’s official debut on October 28. Accordingly, you can safely go through the storyline before plunging into multiplayer battles and never return to a single player game. As previously mentioned, pre-order customers also receive two days of early access to the MW2 Open Beta sessions, as well as instant use of special character and weapon skins.

Invest in the Vault Edition and you’ll also get the Season 1 Battle Pass, as well as characters and cosmetics available in the Open Beta, Warzone, and even the original Modern Warfare remake. Activision is promising more details on MW2 and the next Warzone (including its new mobile version) at the hours-long Call of Duty event on September 15th. However, pre-access to single-player gameplay shows the company’s priorities. While they remain committed to developing the series’ story, they see this latest game as the foundation for a new multiplayer experience.

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