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The RAM market collapsed by 21%

For several quarters in a row, the global market has seen a sharp decline in the RAM market, and according to the latest data, this trend continues. According to market research firm TrendForce, the DRAM market experienced a severe drop of 21.9% QoQ, resulting in a total market loss of $9.663 billion. It is worth noting that this is the third quarter in a row that the RAM sector has seen a sharp decline in sales. Experts note that several factors contribute to this decline at once, but the main reason for the market fall is the long-term problem of excess supply – now much more memory chips are produced than bought, so they are stored in huge quantities and gradually lose value. As a result, the largest suppliers – Samsung, Micron and SK Hynix – reported a decrease in quarterly revenues by very impressive amounts.

In concrete terms, Samsung has seen a drop in shipments due to a decrease in orders for its recently released chips, resulting in a quarterly decline in revenue of 24.7% (that’s an insane $4.17 billion). On the other hand, Micron experienced an increase in shipments, but still suffered from the market downturn, posting a 3.8% decline in revenue or $2.72 billion. SK Hynix suffered the most losses – a drop in shipments of more than 15% led to a serious decline in revenues of 31.7% (approximately $ 2.31 billion).

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