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The Settlers of Catan will be presented in AR

The Settlers of Catan, one of the most popular board games ever made, averaging over a million copies sold per year, is about to break the standard format thanks to a unique augmented reality gaming system that has been in development for over a decade . Tilt Five, a startup founded by a former Valve engineer, has just announced that a 3D holographic version of the game, dubbed Catan – Tilt Five AR, will arrive in the spring of 2023. Unfortunately, the video below doesn’t really give us a glimpse of the game, but the company says you can play it at a table, solo against “classic AI opponents” or online with other players around the world. And you’ll be able to “interact with Catan Island in new ways using the Tilt Five Wand and watch the island’s wildlife and environment come to life in holographic 3D.”

In 2013, the media told a story about how two Valve engineers walked away with the company’s augmented reality glasses. At the time, Half-Life developer and game company Steam were more interested in working on the virtual reality headset that became the HTC Vive, but Jerry Ellsworth and Rick Johnson believed in AR—so much so that they convinced Valve co-founder Gabe Newell to let them use the technology to build their own startup. . And it’s a really intriguing idea. While most AR headsets are self-contained, refracting light into your eyes using special mirrors, lenses, or waveguides, resulting in a fairly narrow field of view, Tilt Five headsets project their light onto a reflective game board that reflects it back at you. They let you play 3D tabletop games, video games, and Dungeons & Dragons interactive campaigns that seem to live inside or jump out of your table.

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