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Home » This game has been waiting for eight years: Dead Island 2 will be released with Russian subtitles on February 3 – the first gameplay from Gamescom 2022

This game has been waiting for eight years: Dead Island 2 will be released with Russian subtitles on February 3 – the first gameplay from Gamescom 2022

At the opening ceremony Gamescom 2022 officially showed the “risen from the dead” zombie thriller Dead Island 2 and confirmed the release date February 3, 2023.

The project was announced back in 2014 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Now added to the list of platforms PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S. Pre-orders open today. In the official Microsoft store, the continuation of Dead Island is called an “action role-playing game.” Russian subtitles confirmed.

PC version exclusive to Epic Games Store. The prices are as follows:

Dead Island 2 Gameplay Trailer:

Dead Island 2 CGI trailer:

The same trailer from 2014:

Dead Island 2 will offer six playable characters with different personalities and dialogues. In the trailer we were shown one of them Jacob. Gamescom 2022 confirms the presence of co-op in the game.

The official description goes like this:

“Los Angeles has been quarantined, the army has retreated. The future of the city and all of humanity) depends only on you and a handful of people who turned out to be resistant to the pathogen.

Dead Island 2 is a colorful, stylish and zombie-infested action game. Check out the blood-drenched streets of L.A. Meet crazy characters. Chop countless hordes of enemies to pieces. Evolve and become the coolest zombie fighter!

Explore L-AD! In Dead Island 2, players will find themselves in the legendary locations of the City of Angels, now engulfed in horror. Walk like a host, from the green spaces of Beverly Hills to the quaint Venice Beach boardwalk. Incredible scope for cruelty! You are waiting for the most intense, realistic and bloody battles in the first person, and a variety of weapons and tactics will not let you get bored while clearing the horde of zombies.

Cut, shred, burn and tear: experience the realism of madness. Become the best zombie exterminator! Choose from six playable characters with unique traits and lines. Each fighter’s abilities are customizable, and the new skill system lets you instantly regroup and try out any craziest tactic.

Ready to see the most advanced dismemberment system in gaming? L.A. is full of zombies that look and act like the real thing. These poor mutants are the rotting, dead heart of Dead Island 2: there are dozens of zombie varieties with their own mutations and attacks, as well as hundreds of variations of their appearance in the style of Los Angeles.

Spectacular joint adventure! Like any decent role-playing game, Dead Island 2 features exciting quests, incredible characters, and a compelling storyline. We guarantee that you will want to play the game again. And with up to three-player co-op, your stay in L.A. will be very long (and even bloodier).”

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