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Tom Cruise-flavored airporno: Top Gun: Maverick movie review

In recent years, Hollywood studios have been afraid to take risks, which is directly related to inflated production budgets. Therefore, everyone is trying to minimize the risks by releasing endless reboots, movie comics or trying to create their own “movie universes”. However, due to the general degradation of the quality of performance on all fronts, even proven methods may not work.

In such an atmosphere success “Top Gun: Maverick” (Top Gun: Maverick) dilutes the dull picture. Yes, we are talking about a sequel to the once cult film, but in the current environment, this is far from a guarantee of success. After all, the original tape was released back in 1986, during which time a lot of water has flowed under the bridge.

However, Maverick had a battering ram in the face Tom Cruise, who in his venerable 60 years stubbornly goes against the current, refusing to grow old and constantly prevails. The production of the tape proved to be difficult due to the pandemic, which broke the deadlines and inflated the already impressive budget. In addition, there were problems with financing, because at the last moment Tencent withdrew from the project. That is why the map of Taiwan was returned to the jacket of the protagonist.

Cruz’s campaign was composed Joseph Kosinky. Yes, in the movie review”Spiderhead” (Spiderhead) edition of scolded the director, but we must pay tribute – he knows how to work with large budgets. And this is perfectly visible on Maverick.

The duet’s task was ambitious – to make a spectacular action movie, carefully handling the original material. And they succeeded.

It’s been 36 years since the events of the first movie. Peter “Maverick” Mitchell (Tom Cruise) never made it past the rank of captain due to constant problems. Saves the unlucky pilot only patronage from the admiral Thomas “The Iceman” Kazansky (Val Kilmer) and the desire to fly.

After unsuccessful tests of the newest Maverick aircraft, they are removed from the project and transferred to train a group of young pilots for a suicidal mission. The task is to destroy an enemy facility for the production of nuclear weapons. The problem is that due to the serious defense and difficult terrain, pilots can only use outdated F-18s, while the enemy has fifth-generation Su-57 fighters.

Complicating the captain’s task are short training periods and a conflict with one of the pilots, a lieutenant. Bradley “Badass” Bradshaw (Miles Teller). The latter is the son of Mitchell’s best friend – Nika “Goose” Bradshawwho died in the first part.

Despite the simplicity of the plot, in which the story of the training of inexperienced youths was literally crossed with the film “Star Wars: A New Hope” (Star Wars: A New Hope), Kasinski’s team is trying to get the most out of him. “Maverick” is a real aviation porn, which skillfully demonstrates air battles, and the cameraman literally relishes the work of the crew of an aircraft carrier, focusing on small details. Here you can see both close-ups and general ones, while it is always clear where someone is, which is an important fact.

At the same time, the operators use a lot of scenes filmed in cockpits to emphasize the emotions of people, but this is not confusing. The characters are actively talking and gesticulating, if the pilot is looking for an enemy aircraft, then the next frame usually shows exactly where he is looking.

So that the viewer does not get bored, the landscape is constantly changing in the film. There is a desert area with canyons, a mountain range with snow, forests with rivers and a water surface with an obligatory aircraft carrier.

The creators of the sequel are not alien to self-irony. As you know, the originalTop Gun” (Top Gun) many considered history about a man who is trying to realize his homosexuality And the scene with the game of volleyball has long turned into a meme. In the sequel, there is a scene with a game of American football, only “Maverick” is no longer a latent homosexual, but a heterosexual with a romantic interest in the face of a single mother who owns a bar.

Tom Cruise still shines as the ageless action hero who disarms everyone with his smile, while constantly inventing new challenges for himself. A single moment of the film – Val Kilmer. As you know, due to the fight against cancer of the larynx, the actor has lost the ability to speak normally. The filmmakers carefully crafted this into the plot while also playing with fan expectations.

The tape also continues the tradition of depersonalizing enemies. In the literal sense, because enemy pilots wear black helmets. The mission parameters are a complete vinaigrette. The main goal suggests that the attack on Iran was taken as the basis, although the heroes are opposed by Russian fighters. On the other hand, this approach allows you to expand the audience, at the same time shifting the focus.

“Top Gun: Maverick” does not imply anything fundamentally new or breakthrough. However, this is a tightly tailored and very entertaining film about pilots, which feels as good as possible within the framework outlined by its creators. Considering the modern mess in Hollywood, this is a major achievement for which Joseph Kosinka and Tom Cruise should be congratulated.


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