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TSMC is already accepting orders for 3nm chips

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) has received several orders for its 3-nanometer (3nm) chip technology, according to a Taiwanese media report. TSMC plans to ramp up production on the 3nm process in the current half of this year, and the technology was at the center of controversy earlier this month when it became known that the manufacturing process would face delays due to Intel’s design changes to its products. TSMC has denied the report and said its manufacturing processes are progressing as planned, and now Taiwan’s DigiTimes reports that the firm has received orders from several different companies to manufacture its products using cutting-edge technology.

The DigiTimes report cited sources at the IC firm to share details of the orders TSMC may have received for the 3nm process. Chip manufacturers must rely on a large order list for their new processes, as the high investment and set-up costs can only be recovered after large quantities of wafers have been produced. The machines used for advanced chip manufacturing are expensive to run, and too few orders often result in underutilized capacity, which in turn costs the chip maker more than the profit it can make.

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