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Ubisoft and Marvel are working on something – maybe it’s a Blade game

Ubisoft can develop a game under license Marvelbased on the vampire hunter in Blay.

YouTuber JorRaptor spoke about this, citing some pretty convincing facts that he found on the net.

The blogger drew attention to the recent posts of two actors involved in motion capture in the gaming industry. Three weeks ago Edwin Gaffney and Alex Miller shared interesting posts on their Instagram pages*. Both posted pictures of themselves wearing mockup suits with Ubisoft patches and holding huge dummy knives in their hands..

Miller plays Knox in Beyond Good & Evil 2, but the motion recording wasn’t for her. In one of the photos, both actors are holding a film clapperboard with the date of July 27 and the inscription “Production: Marvel”, and the director is indicated by a certain “B. Tarik”, which almost certainly refers to Bassamu Tarikudirector of the new Blade movie with Mahershala Ali starring.

One might assume that Marvel Studios borrowed the Ubisoft mock-up studio to work on their project, but the shooting of Blade has not yet officially begun, and the hashtags #videogames and ubisoftgames are indicated in the posts of the actors.

Perhaps, some believe, a Blade game from Ubisoft is in the works, timed to coincide with the release of a new picture. Marvel Studiosand the filmmakers help in its development.

*Social network of the company Meta, recognized as an extremist organization in Russia.

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