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Ubisoft raises prices of its video games to $70

Recently, many developers of major video games have been talking about the fact that their projects in development have become very expensive – and this is actually really true. The fact is that to create an AAA game, at the moment, you need about 400 developers (we are talking not only about programmers, but also about designers, screenwriters, sound specialists, and so on), who will work on the game for at least two years, but there are situations that the game create and more. Accordingly, if you calculate, then only a huge amount is spent on salaries – with an average salary of a developer of 6 thousand dollars, you need to spend 60 million dollars to create one game. And these are only salaries, not taking into account licenses, purchases of various assets, and so on.

As a result, the final cost of a video game rises from the usual $ 60 to $ 70 – Ubisoft also announced this. After the presentation of their video games, the developers announced that now their AAA projects will be sold for $ 70 on all available platforms, which, of course, gamers did not like very much. But in reality, this is quite normal, plus you need to understand that a ten dollar difference for a game that you have been waiting for is not really something incredible. Moreover, taking into account the fact that a gaming PC for such a game costs under one and a half thousand dollars, the increase in the price of the game by $10 does not really matter in global terms. Plus, we have regional prices that make it possible to save.

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