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Ubisoft wants to release more mobile games, is actively interested in clouds and blockchain

Ubisoft wants to create more mobile games and sees great potential in partnership with Chinese giant Tencent. Last invests 300 million euros to a holding group Guillemot Corp, which controls the largest stake in the French publishing house.

As Ubisoft President Yves Guillemot explained, his company values ​​​​independence, but does not oppose partnerships with third-party corporations, striving to develop in different directions..

What we want is to provide our employees with the long-term opportunity to create games that they believe will be the best in the industry.“, – said Guillemot.

“[Что касается Tencent], the main goal is to develop mobile business. We believe that mobile platforms will help us grow, so we are looking for new opportunities.

That’s why we decided to expand our partnership with Tencent… to grow our business, generate more revenue and represent our brands around the world. Creating and promoting AAA games on mobile devices is a pretty complicated story. Therefore, we are responsible for some projects ourselves, while others are dealt with jointly with partners like Tencent.”

At yesterday’s Ubisoft presentation announced a mobile AAA game in the Assassin’s Creed universe and announced a partnership with Netflix that will Valiant Hearts 2, a mobile adventure game exclusive to the service, will be released.

Ubisoft also continues to be interested in blockchain and NFTs, as well as cloud gaming. Guillemot believes that in 2030 players will have the same easy and convenient access to the company’s games as they have to music or video content on smartphones and modern TVs today.

“We are looking at all new technologies, we are very interested in cloud gaming, in all possibilities Web3. We are trying to move through trial and error, looking at what can take root in games and meet the needs of the audience, and what does not.”

Earlier today it became known that Assassin’s Creed series sold 200 million copies in 15 years.

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