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Home ยป “We hope that one day we can return”: Logitech leaves Russia

“We hope that one day we can return”: Logitech leaves Russia

Computer Peripheral Manufacturer Logitech decided to leave Russia due to “continued instability in the region.” Po data publication sources CNewsOn August 31, the company will close its office in our country, about which it has already warned partners.

In letters to corporate clients that have come to the disposal of the media, Logitech expresses hope for a return to Russia in the future.

“We hope that one day we will be able to return to Russia, if there are appropriate conditions,” the message says.

Logitech is known as one of the largest manufacturers of computer peripherals. The company produces mice, keyboards, webcams, microphones, as well as headsets, speakers, accessories for smartphones and tablets. Now she is also preparing a new handheld console for cloud gaming with Tencent..

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