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Why you should buy a case for Xiaomi Mi 10T

Sometimes users ask us why it is worth buying case for Xiaomi Mi 10T / Mi 10T Pro, because in this case the whole essence of the design is lost. Indeed, the manufacturer has invested a lot of money in order to produce a smartphone with an interesting body design – he spent money on development, testing, production, and so on. The result is a very stylish gadget for which users give impressive money. And they also pay for the design of the back panel, which looks very cool and, of course, all its essence is lost if the user purchases a case.

This is constantly being debated on the Internet – users do not understand why it is necessary to wear a case that completely kills the design idea of ​​the device. Everything is really simple here – a smartphone with an almost mirror-like back side turned out to be insanely impractical in all plans. For example. if the user simply carries the device in his hands, then the smartphone will constantly slip out of his palm, because the back side is completely glossy and very slippery, you can’t even imagine how much. The chances of dropping a smartphone are so great that it’s even scary to imagine, but this is not the main thing.

The main advantage of the glossy panel is that it looks cool, expensive and rich, but it is covered with fingerprints and other dirt so quickly that you literally have to wipe the smartphone from this dirt three times a day. Otherwise, the smartphone will look very unpresentable, and this, of course, will upset the owner, who wanted to show off his stylish smartphone to the outside world. But this is not the main problem of such a bright design, because in addition to everything there are also scratches that cannot be removed.

On such a glossy surface, scratches will appear literally from any objects – you can simply carry your smartphone in your pocket and it will be scratched by small debris or dust. Moreover, if you put the smartphone with the panel down, then scratches will definitely appear on it, which would be almost invisible on the matte panel, but in this case the situation is radically different. So it turns out that you still won’t be able to fully enjoy the design of the device, because the gadget is not very practical, and it is much more reasonable to purchase a case that will protect the device from scratches and at the same time will not slip out of your hand.

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