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Xiaomi launches the next generation MIJIA Humidifier 2

Xiaomi has launched the second-generation MIJIA Humidifier 2 smart humidifier.

The MIJIA 2 humidifier received a 4 liter tank with a steam volume of 300 ml / h. The new model also features 360-degree rotation for more efficient room humidification, by the way, the previous model only worked in one direction. In the new version, there is no need to lift the lid to add water to the humidifier.

The second generation MIJIA humidifier provides up to 99.9% silver ion antibacterial effect, which is a slight improvement over the previous generation model. It also includes a visually transparent water meter, unlike its predecessor. The Mijia Humidifier can provide up to 30 hours of humidification. It does not require frequent addition of water, and its antibacterial effect prevents the growth of bacteria inside the tank.

The price of Xiaomi MIJIA Humidifier 2 is about $15.

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