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Xiaomi sent Book Air 13 on sale

Just a few weeks ago, Xiaomi officially introduced the Book Air 13 laptop to the market, which looked like an extremely interesting solution and at the same time had quite impressive performance. True, as is customary among Chinese manufacturers, the power of the laptop was presented more on paper, although in general you should not expect anything phenomenal from a thin laptop with passive cooling and an energy-efficient processor. Now the company has officially sent the laptop on sale and we can safely say that this is an extremely high-quality laptop for the money – it has enough power and build quality to compete with other gadgets from the Windows laptop segment in the current market.

For example, the manufacturer decided to use a touch screen in a laptop, which can be turned in the opposite direction and a tablet with a huge diagonal can be accessed. In addition, I would like to note that with an energy-efficient processor, the battery life will be quite impressive, especially if you lower the display brightness and turn off unnecessary streaming functions. And while it’s still too early to say that the device has directly turned the laptop market upside down, this is a really high-quality gadget that is worth paying attention to for the foreseeable future. In any case, if you plan to purchase a laptop for work or leisure, while not having a dimensionless budget. In this regard, Book Air 13 is very good.

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