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Xiaomi showed a smartphone with a removable lens

Today, Xiaomi officially changed the smartphone market by showing the concept of a device with a removable lens. The main advantage of this solution is that the user can buy a high-quality smartphone with a good camera, and then purchase one or another lens according to his needs. Accordingly, the manufacturer does not need to make a gadget with three or five cameras – just put one high-quality image sensor, and then wind the necessary lenses over it and get zoom, wide angle, and so on. And although the concept looks a little unsightly so far, in fact it has great potential for the future, as now manufacturers are already resting on the capabilities of cameras and image sensors.

For example, imagine the situation – you buy a flagship with one high-quality camera, quite powerful and impressive. And for this camera, the company sells a system of lenses of different formats – just choose what you need and shoot photos of chic quality. That is, you will always have a camera in your smartphone without an external lens, but it will shoot in a standard way, without zoom, wide angle, and so on. But if necessary, you buy a lens and get the same zoom that allows you to expand the capabilities of your smartphone and turn it into a real SLR camera. This is a really cool idea, which will allow manufacturers to significantly increase sales of accessories – each lens can be sold for a hundred dollars at least.

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