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XPG Introduces New HURRICANE ARGB Fans

The XPG brand has announced new HURRICANE ARGB PWM fans. The new range is available in 120mm and 140mm sizes and delivers the ultimate in cooling performance.

XPG has made great strides in the development of its cooling components with the introduction of the all-in-one coolant system and the excellent XPG VENTO series of fans, including the top-of-the-line XPG VENTO PRO line. And now we are proud to announce the addition to our XPG HURRICANE family of high performance fans.

With fan speeds of up to 2000 and 1800 rpm respectively, the 120 and 140mm models can deliver optimized airflow much more efficiently than competing products in the same category while maintaining high static pressures.

Hydraulic Dynamic Bearing (FDB) provides smoother operation, optimal cooling, less noise, lower power consumption and longer life. Similarly, the dual-ring arrangement of the LEDs provides a mesmerizing lighting effect with full ARGB customization, striking the perfect balance between cooling efficiency and aesthetics.

The XPG HURRICANE fan blades feature a patented dual layer design for maximum cooling efficiency. The main and sub vanes work in tandem to improve airflow and static pressure while minimizing drag. This allows the fan to provide excellent cooling performance at a low noise level.

Thanks to PWM, you can smoothly and continuously adjust the speed of the fans. It also allows the fan to remain off at lower temperatures, both reducing noise and extending life. XPG HURRICANE fans are also compatible with most major motherboard ARGB software applications, making it easy to adjust ARGB settings and synchronize multiple daisy-chained fans. Or you can configure the fans directly using XPG PRIME’s own software.

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